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Four AfAm Majors and Eight AfAm Minors Graduate From Northwestern on Friday

June 18, 2020

Four AfAm majors and eight AfAm minors are graduating from Northwestern during Friday morning’s virtual commencement ceremony, and the Department of African American Studies would like to congratulate each of them on this major accomplishment and milestone.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to our graduating seniors," said Department Chair and Professor Martha Biondi. "We are so proud of your extraordinary achievements at Northwestern, and we wish you well in all future endeavors!”  

"To our Class of 2020, Congratulations,” said Director of Undergraduate Studies and Professor Tracy Vaughn-Manley. “You did it and we couldn’t be prouder! When you began this intellectual journey with us four years ago, it was inconceivable that our university, our nation and our world would be in the state of turmoil and uncertainty that we now face. Yet, in the midst of tenuous circumstances, you all persevered—and now, we celebrate with you!"

The four graduating majors are Sarah Evans, Leilani Jones, Sayeed Sanchez Johnson and John "Jack" Sweeney. Each authored a senior thesis and is graduating with honors. The department’s faculty also named Evans and Sanchez Johnson as co-recipients of the annual Lerone Bennett Jr. Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

The title of each graduating major's senior thesis is as follows:

The eight graduating minors are Noni Bell, Roderick Campbell, Ramaoud Chiaokhiao-Bowman, Larry Coleman, Kourtney Kinchen, Suzannah Kingsbury, Leana Lindsay and Ericka Woods. Woods was selected by the department's faculty as this year's recipient of the Community Service and Leadership in African American Studies Award.

"Take this time to revel in the success of a job well done and know that we, the Department of African American Studies, rejoice with you," said Vaughn-Manley. "We are confident that you will draw upon your time here at Northwestern to make our world a better place for generations to come."

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