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Casey Goonan

M.A. in African American Studies, Northwestern University, 2019
B.A. in Ethnic Studies, University of California, Riverside, 2013

Casey is a 30-year-old doctoral candidate in the program. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies from UC Riverside (2013) and his M.A. in African American Studies from Northwestern (2019). His dissertation project, entitled "One Struggle at Base," looks at the history of ideas, strategies, and traditions of grassroots organizing in the movement to abolish the prison industrial complex.

Research Interests

Grassroots movements against criminalization, policing, and imprisonment; Black and radical anti-racist organizing traditions; Penal reformism and domestic counterinsurgency; The role of the state anti-racism in counterrevolutionary historical processes; Agitprop and print culture; Participatory research methodologies; Critical theory; Intellectual history

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