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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Spring 2021 class Schedule

Course Title Instructor Day/Time Location
101-6-20 First-Year Seminar: Passing and the Performance Tracy Vaughn-Manley TTh, TBA TBA
212-1-20 Introduction to African American History 1: Key Concepts From 1700-1861 Sherwin Bryant TTh, TBA TBA
225-0-20 African American Culture Christopher Paul Harris MW, TBA TBA
339-0-20 Unsettling Whiteness Barnor Hesse MW, TBA TBA
378-0-20 Harlem Renaissance Tracy Vaughn-Manley Th, 2p-4:50p TBA
380-0-20 Topics: Introduction to Black Political Thought Barnor Hesse MW, TBA TBA
380-0-21 Topics: Black Study and Speculative Practice Christopher Paul Harris MW, TBA TBA
380-0-22 Topics: Feeling Black/Black Feeling Lauren Jackson TTh, TBA TBA
380-0-23 New Media Black Aesthetics Isaac Ginsberg Miller MW, TBA TBA
440-0-20 Black Historiography Sherwin Bryant W, 2p-4:50p TBA
480-0-20 Topics: Toni Morrison Tracy Vaughn-Manley T, 2p-4:50p TBA


Spring 2021 course descriptions



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